Nail Glue - Fake Nail Tabs - Fake Nail Adhesive Kit


Get everything you need to apply your false nails like a pro right here in one kit... Whether you prefer glue, tabs, or you'd like to combine the two for natural nail protection and amazing wear time, the choice is totally yours.  Each kit comes with your choice of adhesive(s), a mini nail file, prep wipes for each hand, and a set of tailored instructions for properly applying and removing the nails.  So not only will you have all the accessories you need, but also the knowledge to totally nail your application.  

Before you checkout, though, I highly recommend you take a look at my hand painted luxury nail sets, too. I mean, just think - if I've gone to this much effort just for nail glue, imagine how much work I put into perfecting my nails..!

Not sure which adhesive is best for you...? Don't worry, I can help with that...

♥ Nail Glue - tends to hold for 1-2 weeks, and can be removed by soaking the nails in pure acetone until they melt - perfect if you want to wear your nails 24/7. 
♥ Tabs - tend to hold for 1-2 days, and can be removed in hot soapy water. The tabs peel right off of the false nail, making them totally reusable. Perfect for nights out here and there with super-easy removal. (Only recommended option for kids nails.)
♥ Combo Set - Grab this if you're really not sure which one is best for you...then you can try the tabs first, then reapply your nails with glue, or you can even use them together. (To do this, apply a tab to your nail first, then add a bit of glue to your false nail, and stick it onto the tab. The glue helps to extend the wear time of the tabs, but since it's the tab that's stuck to your nail, you don't need to soak the nails in acetone to remove them - just hot soapy water.


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