Size Guide

Isn't it annoying when you buy a set of false nails and end up throwing more than half of the set away, just because they're the wrong sizes for you? Or worse, they don't fit you at all!  It certainly bugs me.  Luckily for you, you're purchasing hand painted false nails, and I am more than happy to let you pick and choose which sizes you receive.  Whether you need itty-bitty petite sizes, different width nails for each hand, or are looking for fake nails to fit men, I've got you covered! do you find your sizes?  The most accurate way is with a size finder set, available here.  However, if you're ordering internationally and are in a bit of a time-crunch, you might prefer to just measure your natural nails.  If you're an OG to the hand painted nail game, you probably have your measurements already.  But if you've never measured your nails before, you can find a super easy 2-step method, right here.  

Once you have your measurements it's a simple case of comparing them to this chart to see if you'll fit my XS-XL width options, or if the "Custom" width option is going to be better for you.


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