Nail Decals

How do I use them?

Application is super easy! Just cut the design out and soak it in water, slide the backing off, then place it onto a layer of cured foil gel or base coat and seal it in. Full instructions tailored to the specific type of decals you purchase will be provided with every order.  If you're new to decals and are a little hesitant - don't worry. A little sheet of practice decals will also be provided with every order, so you'll be able to master it without wasting any of your decals.

Can they be used for acrylic nails?

Absolutely! If you'd like to encapsulate them in acrylic, just make sure to put a layer of gel between the decal and acrylic, as sometimes the monomer can cause the ink to run a little. 

Press On Nails

How do I know my size?

For sizing information, please see my Sizing guide here.

Will they damage my nails?

Like any other nail enhancement, it's all down to how they're applied, and - more importantly - how they're removed.  If you follow the instructions provided with your order your nails will stay healthy and happy.  However, if you decide to ignore the instructions and try and force or bite them off, you are likely to damage your nails. 

What are they made of and how long do they last?

I use only the highest quality ABS blank tips and a combination of salon-quality products to create my nails, meaning that they will last you for weeks with only minimal tip wear. For certain sets, I do use some traditional nail polishes. I've found that there are certain finishes and effects that just don't work when you put them in a gel polish.  These sets are all sealed with Builder-in-a-Bottle, though, so you would never know it wasn't all gel. I've had customers go camping and hiking in these sets and still get a full 2 weeks of wear. 

Are they reusable?

They sure are! With sticky tabs you can take them on and off whenever you want.  If you're using glue, though, or glue and tabs combined, I would recommend purchasing a basic e-file to remove the glue from the back of the nail, as this will build up over time.

Do you provide glue or adhesive tabs with them?

I sure do! A sheet of 20 adhesive tabs, along with a 3 gram bottle of The Edge nail glue will be provided with every nail set.

How to apply/remove them?

Full instructions for applying and removing your nails will be provided with your order, so you'll have everything you need to apply them like a pro.

How long will they stay on?

This has more to do with prep than anything.  If your nails aren't prepared correctly then they do like to pop off from time to time.  Thankfully your instruction sheet will guide you through exactly how to prep your nails, and your order will include a prep kit with everything you need included. I also etch the underside of my nails with acetone to give it some texture and encourage maximum adhesion.  

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes ma'am!  Just send me a message to chat about what you want, and if you have pictures - even better!  Please note, however, that I cannot accept requests for licensed characters or brand names, and I will not recreate the work of another press on artist.