Sarah's Sparkles is actually something that grew from a hobby.  A couple of years ago I started looking into doing my own nail extensions, as I was only working part time, and was struggling to afford the regular salon visits.  I spent hours pouring over YouTube tutorials, and from there I discovered the world of nail art blogs.  I was amazed to see the kinds of designs these bloggers were creating with normal nail polish, and soon enough I had given up on extensions, and began learning to work on my natural nails.

I was full of ideas and new techniques to try, and I soon realised that 10 fingers just weren't enough.  So, I purchased some false nail sets, and started practising my art on those.  Friends and family who saw some of the sets were really nice about how they turned out, and after some gentle encouragement from loved ones, I listed a couple of sets for sale on ebay.

 I didn't really expect anyone to buy them, but I was wrong and before I knew it I was selling a set almost every day.  2 years later, and I work on nails full time, and have stores on eBay and Etsy, and now (finally), my own website.

I hope you enjoy wearing the nails as much as I enjoyed creating them, and I would love to hear from you about your experience with them.  You can drop me a line at: hello@sarahssparklesnails.com




- All nail sets are sealed in with at least two coats of a high quality, super-glossy top coat.
- Before being painted the tips are always filed to make sure that they have a smooth, professional finish.
- If your nails come with any embellishments, (eg. studs, rhinestones, metal/glitter shapes etc.) then a few spares will always be provided. You shouldn't need to use them, but better safe than sorry)
- I provide application and care sheets with all orders
- I love doing custom orders
- And I'm happy to offer discounts on larger orders. Contact me for more details at: sales@sarahssparklesnails.com



Here is a screenshot of my current ebay feedback score.  Feel free to send me a little message on ebay, just to confirm that that is actually my ebay account....

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